About Us

How It All Began

NV Ecofarm -The concept of Agriculture and Adventure is developed by Ms Smita Patil and actively supported by her professional family members. Ms Smita a postgraduate with professional experience in Banking manages the business and is technically supported by her husband, post graduate in Agriculture and Management with more than 25 years of corporate experience

Mr Krishna Jagannath Patil and Mr Vinayak Jagannath Patil, her in laws, Progressive farmers developed this land located at the crest of western Ghats 60 years ago into a modern farm. While developing the farm they, maintained biodiversity and nurtured local species along with the Agriculture plantation. Today one can see their vision as more than 200 year old Banayan tree welcomes the guest at the gate and around 125 grown forest species are identified within the Farm with full botanical description (Family, species botanical and common names etc.)

Ms Smita was impressed with the progressive approach of the family and decided to develop it into an eco farm which will not only showcase modern agricultural practices but also act as nature learning, and conservation center. It will also provide an opportunity for local community to learn modern agricultural practices and create employment opportunities.

Thus the concept of Sustainable Agriculture and Tourism evolved in consultation with family members, friends and experts. The plan was to identify the existing resource, develop and use it judiciously. Preserve traditional practices at the same time incorporate modern techniques which are less resource intensive, high in productivity and adoptable to local settings and minimum damage to the environment

Founders had  adopted water harvesting techniques, multilayer cropping, Biogas generation and organic farming practices many decades ago. We have only documented and built it on… and journey continues