Our Attraction

We at NV Ecofarm have just released the fish seedlings into our water body on the 28th of December 2017.  Soon the fish will grow into an adult and we will be open for all you fishing enthusiasts to carry your fishing rods and come to NV Ecofarm. Will keep you all posted.

Fascination for the bow and arrow has always been there right from childhood inspire of having modern technology play guns. A simple wooden arc with string can give you the thrill of the basic man in forest out for his food.


The men usually like to make their own barbecues out in the open with a drink and like minded friends for company. We at NV Ecofarm decided to give our barbecue set for those groups who are interested in doing so for no extra cost.

White cheeked barbet

All those ardent bird watchers can come equipped with your cameras to shoot our birds which are in plenty. You get to hear the sounds of different species of birds throughout the day but morning it's a cacafony of sounds.

Most places you will see the butterflies in captivity. We have created a space specially at NV Ecofarm where we have grown the host plants for the various butterflies in the western ghat. So you can see them moving around freely.

For those enthusiastic campers who have a tent and want to pitch it and enjoy blisss in the realm of nature then NV Ecofarm is the right place. You just need to give us a call and book your camping place for a nominal fee.

Nakshatra Van

Nakshatra Van is a Astral Garden Developed on the concept of Birth sign (Zodaic sign) and corresponding plant / tree recommended for the particular Zodaic sign. Its based on ancient Indian scriptures like Panchangas and Aurvedas