₹ 125.00

If you crave for an adrenaline rush, then this package is perfect for you. Zip-lining is a thrilling sport where you hold onto a cable and ride down at high speed. Though, this amazing sport was initially used as a necessary means of transportation in the hilly areas, today it is one of the major adventure sports. People venture into zip-line rides for fun and excitement. This is exactly what we offer for you in abundance. This activity will allow you to explore the lush green fields of the farm. The entire zip-lining setup is built with the most advanced technology and is of international standards. You can experience the skyline and the beauty of the surrounding nature while riding. Feel the thrill of weightlessness at high speeds. This is a perfect venture for an adventure fanatic.

Facilities Provided: 
  • Instructor 
  • Zipling harness 
  • Enjoy the thrilling ride in air and get a glimpse of the surrounding nature’s beauty 
  • Feel like a bird when you Zip-line amidst the luscious green farm 
  • Relish the view of vast and beautiful sky as you ride down the line at high speed
30 Minutes
via -Sanvordem, Goa
Available On Request